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Will the zombies touch me?

The sole purpose of the zombies is to capture your flags; they are not to touch or grab you, only your flags. But do remember zombies were once people too and accidents do happen, an unintentional brush or bump in to one another can happen sometimes. 

What if I want to participate but do not want zombies to chase me?

You can always choose to be a zombie then you get to do all the chasing!!! Or if you are set on being a runner, but you want to ensure you are not chased by zombies, you may choose not to wear your flags. Runners without flags are extremely unappetizing to zombies!

Is this a certified 5K?

No, the Zombies considered this a 5k fun run.

Will the race be timed?

Yes, we will be timing the race. Race times will be available to all runners completing the race with or without their brains intact.

Am I automatically disqualified if I lose all my flags to the zombies? 

No, even though your brains may have been consumed and you have become infected, please don’t let it ruin your whole day! Feel free to finish the race and get that last work out in before you lose what human qualities you have left and officially become a member of the undead horde. Keep running towards that finish line! You will simply be classified as a “zombie” when you finish the race. 

How do I know if I survive the race?

Runners will be given flags to wear at their waist, complete the race with even just one of your flags still intact and you are a “survivor.” Congratulations you have survived the race and will live another day to fight the horde again!

Are there zombie-free rest stops along the trail?

Yes, we will have two water stations along the trail. Our zombies absolutely hate water and will not attack while you are getting your hydration on!

How do I register?

Registration is available online here or onsite on race day starting at  4 PM until 6 PM


How much is it?

The 5K and Zombie Experience pre-race day are both $25 through July 31st. $30 from September 1st through September 6th (5 pm). R It is an additional $10 for professional makeup. Race day registration is $35 for the 5K and the Zombie Experience, makeup is $10. So sign up early. The first 100 registrants are guaranteed a T-Shirt and Finishers Medal!

Is my registration refundable or exchangeable? 

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, the zombies simply won’t allow it. But rest assured all of the proceeds goes to the Lions Club charities  We can change a registration to another type (runner to zombie or vice versa.) And we will  be happy transfer your registration to another runner or zombie. Just send us a message at zombiefest5k@hotmail.com with your registration info and the info of who you will be transferring your registration to.

Is there a minimum age limit? 

You must be 14 years of age to participate. Children under 14 can register for the 5K with a parent or guarding participating as well. We will also have a kid’s run/walk before the 5K for all the little zombies! Remember Zombies stay hungry, so children left unattended will be promptly fed to the horde!

Are there medals?

Yes, all participants that complete the race will receive a finishers tag. Runners completing the race with even part of their brains (flags) intact will receive a “survivor” tag. Those who have lost all of their brains (flags) to the horde along the trail will receive a “zombie” tag. Additionally, there will be trophies awarded in Men’s and Women’s for top times for 1st through 3rd place as well as a Men’s and Women’s master’s trophy.

What if I don’t want to participate in a 5K, can I still come?

Yes, please do! We will have tons to offer for zombie fans of all ages! There will be music, vendors, food, sno-cones, silent auction, costume contests and special guests. Kids activities including a bounce house, face painting, costume contest, kids run/walk and mobile arcade. Special guests include Creepy Hollow Haunted House characters and side show performances as well and Zombie Killer and their zombie assault vehicles! 

What should I wear?

Most Humans wear running clothes/running shoes for a race, but since you don’t ever really know when the apocalypse is going to happen, make this experience as real as possible and dress in your street clothes, Halloween costumes, pajamas, formal wear or Sunday’s best!  Zombies should get into character as much as possible before the event; use your imagination, wear what you want as long as you don’t mind it getting bloodied up! Professional makeup artists will be on site for zombie special effects makeup as well!

What should I bring?

You should bring your ID. Also please note, a good portion of the race is through a wooded trail, so please be prepared for all things you would expect in the great outdoors including dirt and the infamous Texas mosquito. We recommend bringing some bug spray just in case. You should also bring some cash if you would like to donate to our charity on site, buy food or drinks, visit or vendors, or for zombie makeovers.

When does the event start?

All the zombie festival fun starts at 4 PM;  race day registration and packet pickup starts at 4 PM. The Zombies will be waiting for you!

What time should I arrive?

Well, the Zombiefest festivities start at 4 PM and  Registration for the 5K and the Cornhole Tournaments tarts at 4 PM, with the 5K starting at 7 PM. Zombies wanting the full special effects makeup experience should note that these services will be available between 4 PM-6 PM. Human runners and zombies that require no assistance with makeup should arrive at least one hour before start time. If you are registered as a runner, you have less of a rush, but please come early for all that Zombiefest has to offer. Zombie horde training and trail placement begins at 6 PM sharp! The costume contest is at 5:30 PM and Kids walk is at 6 PM. No matter what you are participating in please arrive early to allow time for registration.

So what’s the worst that could happen?

Besides all the brain-eating, we take every precaution to ensure that the Zombiefest 5k is no more dangerous than any other 5K fun run. Zombies will not physically harm you, and the makeup and fake blood will wash off your skin. We will have first aid available for minor scrapes or cuts. Also on the off chance something more serious occurs the Lake Jackson EMS will be onsite standing by in case you need assistance.

Can I be a vendor, sponsor or partner?

 We are currently looking for vendors and sponsors; we would love to have you!!! All sponsors get recognition on our social media outlets and donations/sponsorships of a value of $100 or more get recognition on our event t-shirts as well. Please email us at zombiefest5k@hotmail.com for vendor and sponsor information. We promise we will not let the zombies eat any sponsors or vendors!

I am from the media; can I cover your event?

Yes! Zombies love all the exposure and attention they can get!!! Please email us at zombiefest5k@hotmail.com and we will get back to immediately!

I am a professional photographer; Can I photograph the event?

Yes! We would love to have you! We are always looking for event pictures to share website and social media; our volunteers are often too busy keeping the horde under control to get a chance to capture those lasting zombie memories ourselves! Please feel free to contact us at zombiefest5k@hotmail.com 

Can I volunteer?

Yes; we are always looking for volunteers! Helping your community + Zombies; what more could you ask for? Volunteer on your own, with a group of coworkers, friends or even with your school club or civic organization! We would love to have you! Send us an email at zombiefest5k@hotmail.com

Does Zombiefest have a charity partner?

Zombies have big hearts, so Zombiefest does not just benefit one charity! All proceeds from our event go directly to the Lake Jackson Lions Club’s charities. Some of the charities benefiting include but are not limited to: Texas Lions Camp- a free camp for children with disabilities, Type one Diabetes, and other conditions; Crystal Crafters-a facility provides eye exams and glasses to children and adults in need in Brazoria County at reduced or free of cost; The Brazoria County SPCA, Home Delivered Meals- provides home delivered, healthy meals to the elderly and the home-bond in need; and The Brazoria County Dream Center- providing those in need with clothing, food and house hold items, school supplies, etc.

How else can I help?

There are many ways to help us! You can make a donation, register for the race, become a sponsor or volunteer, or just come out to our event and hang out with the zombies! Through your support we are able to help multiple people and organizations throughout the community!


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